Use Darkness to Fuel Motivation From Within

Motivation Fire

Motivation is not some elusive quality that only successful people can afford. Motivation can be found. It’s locked away in the darkest part of your soul, a place few of us ever go because visiting, or even worse, revisiting that place hurts.

Motivation is there because that’s where your deepest and darkest memories reside, the memories you locked away and for very good reason.

Maybe you were bullied as a child, maybe you went broke and lost everything, maybe it’s far worse than that.

Whatever it is, you need to revisit that place, revisit those emotions, revisit that pain. Soak it all in, bathe in it and have it imprint itself on everything you do!
Now you are probably thinking I am bonkers, and you’re probably half-way correct, but this is where the motivation you seek can be found.

You see, you use this darkness to fuel your motivation! If you were bullied, do whatever the f**k it takes to ensure that you are never bullied or taken advantage of again.

If you lost everything, you know how much that hurt and how hard life was when it happened, now you will do whatever the f**k it takes to ensure that you are never in that position again.

Stop searching for external sources of motivation because those sources are like a shot of adrenaline. It’s quick lasting, it allows you to do something super human for but a moment, and then you are back to the ‘old’ you.

Learn to use what is already inside you, get so f***ed off with it that you give yourself no option but to execute and deliver. Now all of a sudden, it’s like you have an endless supply of adrenaline that runs hot 24/7, 365. Let loose that beast within that you know cannot be tamed!

What Fuels My Motivation?

I gym not only because it levels me out, and not only because I like the way I feel after training, because the truth is, sometimes that just isn’t enough. I gym because I f*****g love not being scared anymore.

Byron Ovenstone Motivation Gym

I’m no longer the smallest person in the room, I am no longer the easy target, I am no longer the victim and more importantly I am now in a position to stamp that s**t out if it’s going on around me.

That fuels me when I can’t be f****d.

Find what fuels you and let it loose! I promise you now, you will not regret it.

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