Testing Deliciously Ella’s Sweet Potato Brownies

Deliciously Ella Sweet Potato Brownies

Sweet Potato…Brownies?

For the longest time the concept of using sweet potato in baking really intrigued me. I had to try it, and what better way is there than baking indulgent, sweet potato brownies?

I love the concept of integrating plant-based produce into treats and sweets. From avocado mousse, to courgette cupcakes – enthusiasts across the globe find ways to satisfy a sweet-tooth in deliciously innovative and alternative ways. Most importantly, ways that cut out processed, refined, harmful, and unnecessary ingredients, for a less guilty indulgence.

When it comes to plant-based baking, Deliciously Ella’s recipes are tried and tested favourites of mine, so I decided to check out her “new and improved sweet potato brownies” recipe.

Deliciously Ella Sweet Potato Brownies

Sweet Potato Brownies Ingredient List

The brownies

Sweet Potato, medjool dates, maple syrup, ground almonds, oats, coconut oil, salt, cacao powder.

(For a coeliac-friendly edition, I would suggest swapping the oats for more ground almonds, or brown-rice flour)

The icing

Coconut oil, almond butter, maple syrup, cacao powder.

(I freestyled on this element a little more, and opted for a trickly, sweet glaze. I created this by combining and gently heating; almond butter, hazelnut butter, vanilla powder, and maple syrup)

Give sweet-potato brownies a try

I was very impressed with how they turned out. They were moist, chocolaty, and dense – everything I desire in a brownie. The recipe is easy and fool-proof to follow, so I’d recommend it for all baking ability levels.

Don’t they look delicious?

My food photographer

I have to give credit to my amazing sister, Kirsten Reeves who brought these sweet potato brownies to life with her photography skills. She also was more than happy to help with the tasting…

Kirsten is a professional photographer who currently travels the world one snap at a time. Follow her around the world on Instagram, @Kirsten_Reeves

Deliciously Ella Sweet Potato Brownies

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