Trish McEvoy’s Precision Brow Shaper is a must-have

Trish McyEvoy Precision Brown Shaper


Precision Brow Shaper, Brunette


Trish McEvoy


£21.00, purchased from Liberty London


“This automatic brow pencil with built in brush delivers the look and long wear of a powder with the precision and ease of a pencil. The firm yet thin lead glides on behind hairs to seamlessly fill in and shape your desired brows.” –


After using MAC for years to pencil in my brows, I decided to try Trish McEvoy and never looked back.

I’ve re-purchased this product over and over again for its ease of use, colour, precision, and quality. It does have a higher price-point than MAC, but I buy it a lot less frequently, even with daily use.

This is the best brow pencil I’ve ever used.

The best eyebrow pencil?

Precision Brown Shaper, Trish McEvoy

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